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Ethnic Booty Movies Done Right


When you want ethnic booty movies done right there is only one place to go and that is to a real ethnic site like Tiny’s Black Adventures! As with most true pimps his name’s got game and a little facetiousness. Tiny is anything but tiny and the booty this homeboy taps is prime USDA grade!

With an All Reality Pass you get TinysBlackAdventures.com and total unlimited access to all of their other fresh booty sites like Giant’s Black Meat White Treat, Round Mound of Ass, Pimp My Black Teen, Horny Spanish Flies and more!

Show dat bitch da magic stick at Tiny’s Black Adventures!

Tiny’s Black Adventures


Yeah Boy! Why hit one big booty momma when you can bang two big booty mommas at da same fucking time, yo?!?!

This here is Tiny. Like most people with a nickname like Tiny or Jr. this bro is anything but small. And while his package might be big, he is even bigger on adventure. An adventure to bang every beautiful ebony babe in a 200 mile radius.

Tiny been banging the black booty for years. His exploits are legendary and all of them can be downloaded from his site. With one password you can also access other sites in the All Reality Pass. Sites include Round Mound of Ass and Giants Black Meat White Treat.

With all dis porn you ain’t gotta leave da house! So pour yourself a gin and juice, dogg. It spanky time!

Tiny’s Black Adventures

Finally we can get back to some black on black porn. Tiny’s Black Adventures is all about the ebony ladies you put up on your walls as a kid. Hot ebony ladies worthy of some adoration.

Unlike those cookie cutter bullshit sites you see popping up all over the place now’a’dayz, TinysBlackAdventures.com is 100% exclusive with all original content. Not enough can be said about the quality. Especially the quality of the girls.

Erica above would get five stars in anyone’s black book. I don’t care who you are. This bitch is fine as fuck! Nice tits and a sweet set of lips. Fuck-me if she cannot suck a pole like nobody’s business. And that ass. Oowee that ass!

Imagine finding an ebony dime like that in your bed on a weekly basis. That is the kind of shit that Tiny has to put up with… But I don’t see him complanin none. Shhhhhhit!

The Tinys Black Adventures videos are crystal clear and most of them are about 45 minutes in length. You get to see the whole encounter from the pick up to the drop off. The young bucks among you might even pick up a new play or two that you can use on your own stable of (hopefully) fine-ass bitches.