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Round and Brown Sasha


Da’ss right, boy! Sasha got dat thunder booty so fucking big it has got it’s own gravitational pull. Watch as this white boy gets sucked da fuck in!


Round and Brown has been bringing the triple wide ass stash for almost a decade and they ain’t showing no signs of stop’in now. Part of the Reality Kings network this site gives you weekly updates, while the network hits you with something sexy three times a day!

Along with da thunder booty at RoundandBrown.com you get sites like 40 Inch Plus, Monster Curves, Big Naturals, Mike in Brazil, Happy Tugs, MILF Hunter and dozens more!

Grab dat thunder booty before it puts you in a headlock, yo!

Booty Talk


Oh dats rite, baby! You just park that triple wide booty rite here girl!

Dat right there is some Booty Talk. It is uncontrollable. You see that thick booty and the words just fall out’cha mouth. At Booty Talk you get nothing but the hottest ethnic, thunder booty. All in DVD quality videos!

There are 15 years of booty video production in the Booty Talk collection and you get unlimited access to all of it. You won’t find a more stocked video section than what they have put together here, boy!

Take the tour and hit the more, more, more button. I challenge you to find a booty you wouldn’t hit!

Bootylicious Mag


Normally I don’t like featuring white cock inside black snatch, but I’ll make an exception for Bootylicious Mag. That is some rock-hard thunder booty right there boy!

Bootylicious Mag got its start in newsstands. If you have never heard of it you must be from the Internet generation. You see, before there was this whole Internet thing, we went to newsstands to buy porn. Now it’s all clickity-click and you’ve got instant bubble butt right in yo’ face!

White folk had Playboy and Penthouse, black bros had Bootylicious Mag. Now with the Internet white folk can cross the tracks without nobody knowing and you know that thunder booty appeals to all!