Fatty Pub Booty Call


By now you have probably heard about the Texas teacher that got five years in the penitentiary for fucking five of her students at the same time. Pretty sad if you ask me. All of the students were 18 years old! Where was the crime? I wish that white bitch taught at my old school. I would have run a train on her for sure!

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Big Booty Girl In One Piece Swimsuit


Here is a very rare porn photo for you to enjoy. A white girl with a great big bubble butt wearing a one piece swimsuit!

It does not get much better than this. I love one piece swimsuits and think they are very sexy so to have a curvy white girl with a bubble butt wearing one is fucking hot! Now if I can just track down this English beauty and get her to give me a blowjob in her hot tub and letting me fuck her pussy in her swimsuit 🙂

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I so fucking love my job. I actually get paid to look at big booty all fucking day long. You’d think a guy would get tired of checking out big phat booty, but, no… After I leave here I go home to my BBW GF and tap the shit out of her ass!


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Why would a lady want to do that? Fifteen minutes of fame? Maybe she is a conceded bitch?

Nah, bro! They usually do it because their boyfriend or their husband is always telling them to lose weight. They tell them to stop looking so phat?!?!




So the ladies send their shit in to get reviewed. First off, just making it onto the site says you have potential. How fucking awesome for that phat booty bitch that somebody is willing to give her a chance. Next, guys comment on her photos or her videos, and she gets to see just how many guys worship her thick ass booty!

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