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Black Booty Invasion – Tia













You like sistas? You like Big Booty? Well here is the shit that has them both, Black Booty Invasion is filled with big booty sistas like Tia above.

Whatever your flavor, you will find your shit.  Likes em light skin, dark as the night, thick, extra thick, play boy body with the black girl big booty, Black Booty Invasion has got you covered.

So go get your shit  at Black Booty Invasion,  you will be glad you did.

Black Booty Invasion – Desiree


I am going digging for diamonds in Desiree Diamond, doesn’t that look like a diamond mine.  Sure does to me, Black Booty Invasion specializes in mining in big ass black booties.

Although my friend Pistachio in Master of Disguise would say she has a little momma kaboose.  I think it is perfectly round and deserves a place on this blog.  Black Booty Invasion has some of the biggest black booties you will see, but how bad could it be my friends it’s all black booty, ever seen a small one?

So go check out Black Booty Invasion and give little miss Desiree Diamond a little pat on the ass on your way in.  

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Black Booty Invasion – America


Thank DJ Quick for the lyrical genius to state the obvious, there ain’t nuthin like black pussy on my dick. Look at that Black Booty Invasion we have here, America and Trinity are a fine pair of asses.

You like fat ass, phat ass, big ass, round ass, bubble ass, gotcha covered.  Black Booty Invasion is just that, the invasion of some fine ass booties. America or Trinity?  Red or blue? Give me some tie with them and we will be patriotic, cause we will have red, white and blue.

So go check out Black Booty Invasion, your dick will thank you.