Boobs and Bottoms – Friday


Hahahaha… ahhh.. hhahahaa…

Wooohhh… hahahhaa…

Ok, bitch, you here to fuck or what?

It always starts out as fun and games. Then she has to take 10 inches of Momba cock up her ass and then what? She isn’t laughing anymore. She is wondering how she ever got in this position. How’d you get in this position? Shit… That is a long story!

Boobs and Bottoms. They have natural tits and a natural foundation to hold that shit up! And halter tops with no bra? That’s just icing on the cake!

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And get this shit… her name is Friday!

Cherokee D Ass – Pink Paint


Here you are my ass loving friends, the oracle of big asses the legendary Cherokee D’Ass brought back for your spanking pleasure.

I wonder how long it took to do that big ass tramp stamp on the big ass of Cherokee D’Ass.  Cherokee D’Ass is the epidemy of what we look for in an ass.  Doesn’t matter if you like jiggly, it’s jiggly… Firm, oh yeah it is that too…  Big and round, check… Heart shaped, yes even heart shaped.  It is just extraordinary and is a big ass any ass can get behind.

So go visit Cherokee D’Ass and see what else you can discover about her big ass.    Did you know if you have the money and tie you can see her live? Like lesbian action?  Want to see some lucky guy drill for oil?  Go there now.

Black Booty Invasion – Desiree


I am going digging for diamonds in Desiree Diamond, doesn’t that look like a diamond mine.  Sure does to me, Black Booty Invasion specializes in mining in big ass black booties.

Although my friend Pistachio in Master of Disguise would say she has a little momma kaboose.  I think it is perfectly round and deserves a place on this blog.  Black Booty Invasion has some of the biggest black booties you will see, but how bad could it be my friends it’s all black booty, ever seen a small one?

So go check out Black Booty Invasion and give little miss Desiree Diamond a little pat on the ass on your way in.” rel=”nofollow” “