The Rawck


When you’ve gotta piece of da Rawk stashed away in da house there ain’t no good reason to be blue on a rainy day. Brothas don’t quote Dr. Seuss often but, “Oh the games we would play!”

That thunderous booty belongs to Rawcklin. I have written about her before here at Grip That Booty. Every once in a while I come back to this girl and her booty. Hard to stay away from that kind of action for too long. If ya know what I mean.

Now that Rawcklin has her own site you get to see a lot more of her. In addition to her thunder butt you also get guest appearances from her thunderous friends.

Times are tough, believe me I know. So Rawcklin has reduced her her monthly membership to $9.95 a month. WTF? I spend more than that parking my car at Dodger stadium!

Booty Boot Camp – Chyanne


Its nice to see that a women can also enjoy a quality piece of ass like Chyanne.

You can find Chyanne and her big round butt on a site called It is a site that is dedicated to breaking in girls with big asses for anal scenes.

That means they get a girl  that has never done anal and they recruit them for Booty Boot Camp. When they are done with a exclusive scene at they are then officially big booty hoes.

So if you want to see big round asses get fucked for the first time check out Booty Boot Camp today.

Naughty Clubbers – Big Brown Butts


I found this picture on this site I was checking out called I thought It would be perfect for all of you guys that love huge black butts.

The look on the white girls faces in the background is classic because they know there is no way in hell they are going to beat those two big juicy booties in an ass shaking contest at the club.

I don’t know why  those girls even went out that night they should know that when you go out clubbing any thing can happen when the alcohol is flowing and if some booty shaking contest breaks out there will always be some thick sista with an ass so big it walked in 5 mins after she did at the club.

Naughty Clubbers has those kind of girl in more then 8,000 videos getting drunk and out of control. So check out all the V.I.P. Sluts that will do anything for that bottle.