Big Wet Butts


Hey, it isn’t his fault he was born a white man. At least he as a liking for the ebony booty. Not too hard to do when Sinnamon Love is unleashing her lady charms on you.

Of all of the black porn stars out there I have to say this girl really does it for me. Her ass takes up two parking spaces. When you get with a woman like Sinnamon you need to prepare for it. Some people will buy a Toyota and that is just great for their town house garage, but if you are going to buy a Bentley you have to have the proper garage to house it. Any dude that gets with this hot momma needs a money tree to afford it.

Sinnamon Love is the entire package. She has a sexy face with some exotic eyes. Her tits are a nice hand full. But she ain’t the only one at Big Wet Butts updates weekly with a new model. It is one of the few sites out there with lots of Ebony models. All of them with big wet butts! Even the white girls on this site have something worth the money.

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Having this many sites means you get multiple daily updates. That picture above is a still shot from a members area video. The sample video doesn’t do near enough justice for what you will find on da inside.

Wifey Likes Black Cock

Ha Ha Ha… That is hilarious! Haha… Now get down on your knees and suck it bitch!

What does this piece of fine ass MILF think is do fucking funny? Well, she always wanted to see what it would be like to fuck a big black cock and this guy just showed her his. Now it is time to put up or shut up.

Ever since the early days of the United States of America white women have been craving the black cock. Why? Because we walk with a limp for a reason. At Wifey Like Black Cock the ladies get more than they bargained for by cheating on their little dick white boy husbands with a well hung black stud.

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Wifey Likes Black Cock finds a new cheating white bitch every week. The site is part of a larger network of sites based mostly around the big booty niche. Foxy Black Butts is chock full of bootylicious black booty. Most of the others site deal with white and Latina booty. Personally I think all booty is pink on the inside!

Jolie Twins


Days after the last Presidential election I was thinking to myself, “Damn, self, can life get better than this?” We got a brotha in da White House. His wife is a piece of MILF. Then I saw the Jolie Twins above…

Two mutha-fuckin fine ass booties! Two sets of black perky tits. Their fucking eyes! Jesus H. Christ, their fucking eyes!!! Dick sucking lips, perfect mocha skin. Who didn’t dream a little dream about fucking a set of twins?

First off, let me say that I am not even sure if this shit is even legal because these honeys get pretty hot and heavy. And second, isn’t that precisely why we go to these kinds of sites?

Even more erotic than their looks is their voices. The Jolie Twins were born in France and therefore French is their first language. Listening to their accents in the videos is like listening to the sound of pure sex. updates weekly and the recurring rate is only $19.95 a month if you decide to stay. If you decide to stay? Twins Mother-Fucka! TWINS! How can you ever leave?