Thick Women

That is one thick mutha fuckin ass!

People always ask me what my fascination is with thick women. To be honest, bro, I ain’t got no idea! When I was a kid I thought about being a fireman. For a few years I lived in the inner city and there used to be those trucks with the back where you could steer it. You know tha kind, with the big ladder for tall buildings.

I don’t know if wanting to drive from the back of those trucks was a symptom of my fascination with Thick Women or a cause for that fascination. I also thought about being the first black man to oversee an aircraft carrier and I like 747’s. I guess you could say that I am a wide body kind of guy. has some real gems. Sure there are some bitches that don’t quite fit da bill, but fuck it. Even those women could suck my dick, just not sure if I’d fuck em.

Updates for Thick Women come in weekly and videos can be downloaded. You can also stream smaller clips if need be. I like to skip to the pile driving from behind. While this site could use more ebony honeys, the Neapolitan makeup of flavors is nice for those that like to switch things up.

Asses in Public


These fools at fuck some thunderous booty. I personally don’t normally bang the white booty all that much but what the hell? With ass like that why deny it?

You know… I am gonna have ta tell ya. When it comes to bitches with thick tits and juicy booty, I am an equal opportunity kind’a guy. I’ll fuck any bitch that needs a fuckin and often I don’t even give a shit about what her face looks like. Fuck it, I will just hit that shit from behind if need be.

The boyz at Asses in Public just don’t give a fuck. They have these hoes getting naked and fucking right out in the open. Shit, just the looks on the people’s faces as they go walking on by is worth the price of admission. In the gallery above a lucky security guard happens to be in the right place at the right time. I just hope his punk ass boss doesn’t find out he let these two bitches fuck a guy on the premises.

They feature weekly updates and you get access to their other 18 sites. So make that multiple daily updates for the whole network. They even have more phat booty sites!

Big Booty Duty


Here at Grip That Booty we like to think of ourselves as Big Booty connoisseurs. That is why when we come across a site that has thick round butts like the one in the picture above, we have to write about it. was made for serious booty worshipers like us. They have 1,000’s of exclusive pictures and videos of girls with huge juicy asses, getting pounded. All of their content is DVD quality and you can download all of their videos as soon as you become a member.

For a dollar a day you can become a member of Big Booty Duty and download as much ass as you can handle.

Tiny’s Black Adventures

Finally we can get back to some black on black porn. Tiny’s Black Adventures is all about the ebony ladies you put up on your walls as a kid. Hot ebony ladies worthy of some adoration.

Unlike those cookie cutter bullshit sites you see popping up all over the place now’a’dayz, is 100% exclusive with all original content. Not enough can be said about the quality. Especially the quality of the girls.

Erica above would get five stars in anyone’s black book. I don’t care who you are. This bitch is fine as fuck! Nice tits and a sweet set of lips. Fuck-me if she cannot suck a pole like nobody’s business. And that ass. Oowee that ass!

Imagine finding an ebony dime like that in your bed on a weekly basis. That is the kind of shit that Tiny has to put up with… But I don’t see him complanin none. Shhhhhhit!

The Tinys Black Adventures videos are crystal clear and most of them are about 45 minutes in length. You get to see the whole encounter from the pick up to the drop off. The young bucks among you might even pick up a new play or two that you can use on your own stable of (hopefully) fine-ass bitches.