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A quick guide on how to be flawless with sex dates

Impressing fuck dates is always problematic territory. It really is. It’s like walking on tight rope. On the one hand, you want to play into whatever stereotypes she may have about you or your attributes. For example, most guys come from a certain ethnicity. Most guys come from a certain racial group. Most guys come from a certain religious group. And so on and so forth. There’s so many ways to differentiate people. There’s just so many ways we can slice and dice each other into neat little demographic boxes and sadly, there are always stereotypes there.

For example, if you’re a black dude, there is of course a stereotype that you are packing heat from the waist down. I’m talking about the general expectation from women that you are packing at least nine inches. What if you’re the dude who is on the left side of the bell curve and you only have four inches? You would not want your fuck dates to look at your penis and point to it like their pointing at a Vienna sausage or some sort of picnic snack. Do you see where I’m coming from?

By the same token, if you’re an Asian dude, among white American women, the stereotype is that you’re kind of light below the waist. Now, it would be a pleasant surprise if you whip your junk out and you show them a nice piece of Chinese sausage that’s over 12 inches. Stereotypes can go both ways and the problem with trying to meet stereotypes is that it will almost always never be a "flawless" situation.

You’re either going to be under or lower so my advice to all of that is to say, fuck it. You know? That’s right. Just fuck it. You know, your focus is just to be yourself. That’s how you achieve a "flawless" experience with fuck dates. It’s not about your stereotypes. It’s not about your group membership. It’s not about the person that they think you are. And the site you’re using to get your free sex like I did with freefucksite!