Mike In Brazil Badonkadonk


Everybody knows that Brazilian babes have the badonkadonk on tap, but previously Mike In Brazil featured hot babes getting piped by a guy I can only characterize as a typical white, blond tips, metro-faggot. Not anymore!

Mike has been having a case of the blue nuts so a couple of well-hung stand ins have been plowing that thick Brazilian booty! Watching the videos the only conclusion I can come to is that the women are much more satisfied with some dark meat in them!

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Round Mound of Ass


Every once in a while even white boys get something right. When this dude saw what Cassidy was packing he knew he had to get some of dat! Her booty is hard, her tits are firm… Is it no surprise? She is black after all!

If you ain’t gettin tha lesson let me break it down for y’all. Black booty is full of meat, not jiggly jelly. You take a 50 inch black booty and it might have a nice 1 inch layer of phat covering it’s lusciousness, but under that phat is a hunk of meat you can grip onto and bang the shit out of!

Round Mound of Ass is filled with juicy booty. It is time for you to leave your mark and with years in the archives RoundMoundofAss.com has a booty made just for catching your spunk. With one password you get access to dozens of sites in the All Reality Pass network!

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Tiny’s Black Adventures


Yeah Boy! Why hit one big booty momma when you can bang two big booty mommas at da same fucking time, yo?!?!

This here is Tiny. Like most people with a nickname like Tiny or Jr. this bro is anything but small. And while his package might be big, he is even bigger on adventure. An adventure to bang every beautiful ebony babe in a 200 mile radius.

Tiny been banging the black booty for years. His exploits are legendary and all of them can be downloaded from his site. With one password you can also access other sites in the All Reality Pass. Sites include Round Mound of Ass and Giants Black Meat White Treat.

With all dis porn you ain’t gotta leave da house! So pour yourself a gin and juice, dogg. It spanky time!

Kinky Zee

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Everybody needs a freaky bitch on the side. She ain’t ever gonna be yo baby’s momma, but she is going to take a sample of your sperm to that pretty little face of hers!

Kinky Zee is an exhibitionist. That crazy bitch that kept flashing you her snatch on the jungle gym. The one you had to lie about over and over cause everyone thought she was retarded or something.

Well, she ain’t no retard bro. She is a freaky momma with a booty and a body that just won’t quit. She can go all night and she needs sex like a crack whore needs cocaine. If sperm were a powder this bitch would be snorting it!

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