White Bitch With A Fist Fucked Booty

taking gripping that booty to a whole new level

White people like to talk a lot about black people and their voodoo, but you will never hear them bitching about the crazy shit they be doing on a nightly basis. This fool is taking grip that booty to a whole new level. She can’t even walk around the house without him digging his grimy fingers into her backside. Later on in the video you can watch here ( http://batfist.com/videos/66/hand-into-teen-rectum ) he inserts his entire hand into this teen bitches rectum!

Now I am not trying to say us black folk are all high and mighty or that we never dabble in some sodomy, but at least we plug that shit up with our cocks instead of our hands. You fucking eat with your hands, yo!

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