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Everybody Likes a Nice Ass

That’s some seriously hot booty right there. I’m being overrun with immature sayings from my youth as my mind runs wild at the site of that ass.

“More cushion for the pushin'” do you remember that one? One of my favourites.

At first I thought she had water all over her butt but now actually seeing how shiny it is on the back of her legs and the dude’s hands I actually think it’s oil or suntan lotion.

I can definitely imagine how sweet it might be to rub some oil into that to things going. I am yet to meet a girl who doesn’t enjoy a good glute massage and it always leads to some sexy time.

I once read a cheeky comment from a girl about the usual direction of massages at home from her boyfriend: “Ah this is a nice massage… oh, now there’s a dick in me”

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Amateur porn tubes with babes who have phat booties are nothing new. What is taking the world by storm is the whole aggregation thing. That is where a site doesn’t rely on people uploading good videos to have quality content. Instead of waiting they rip the most popular videos from the biggest tubes in porn. All of those videos get tagged with keywords for easy searching and uploaded hourly so there is always something new and kinky to look at.

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Make Somebody Else’s Trash Your Treasure

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I don’t do it all of the time, but I have been known to break off a piece of myself for a mature babe with a fat ass in need of a big black cock. It usually happens out of the blue. I meet some dude and his mom at a poker party. She is divorced or widowed. She has a fine ass. I can’t stop checking it out. She asks me for my number. Of course I give it to her not expecting anything to come of it. Then when I am between bitches and wondering what is up, bam! Booty call!

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Phat Booty Hoes

Screenshot_3 Screenshot_1

White boys be looking at dat booty and I know they be thinking, "Fuck that. I gotta throw some flour on that phat booty just to find the wet spot and my dick ain’t going to make it up in there. It ain’t big enough." That is right, white boy. So get to skipping because she don’t want no hot dog in a hallway any damn way!

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Fatty Pub Booty Call


By now you have probably heard about the Texas teacher that got five years in the penitentiary for fucking five of her students at the same time. Pretty sad if you ask me. All of the students were 18 years old! Where was the crime? I wish that white bitch taught at my old school. I would have run a train on her for sure!

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Butt Jungle – Rawcklin


Boy, you sure you gonna be able to ride this bus? Once you get on Rawcklin’s booty you’d better have what it takes because Rawcklin is the kind of girl that doesn’t like stop once she gets started.

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Memphis Monroe


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Memphis Monroe might be familiar to some of ya’ll that live in Louisville where she worked as a Hooters girl and appeared on their calendar. Most of you have probably seen her in various porn videos and on porn sites.

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I never thought I’d be saying this, but I wouldn’t mind seeing this bitch at age 30 – MILF style. Looking forward to keeping tabs on how well she develops that big ass!