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Cock Hungry White Ho


Now I have seen my fare share of cock hungry ho’s in my time, but damn! Dis bitch takes da’ mutha fuckin’ cake, yo!

She goes by the name Briella, but she don’t smell like no cheese. She smell like dat shit bitches spray all over themselves ta smell all pretty an shit. She took one look at the size of the big black cocks on Job and Ricco and she needed to suck one and feel the other up her tight white snatch!


Like most white bitches Briella didn’t realize just how fat a black cock was so it hurt like a bitch! Haha


All good things must come to an end and the boys plastered this white ho with their cum loads. Monster Curves is one of my favorite spots on the web. Tons of phat booty hos and they often bring some big black cocks to tap that bitch right.

The Reality Kings also run Round and Brown to incase you prefer the dark meat. Still interracial as all hell though…

Kelly Divine Fine Ass Booty


It ain’t often that you find a fine ass booty like this on a white gurl. She also has that dick sucking lower lip. Combine all of that and her big tits and you have a white momma that fucks and sucks like a black beauty!

To prove it she started doing porn. Originally she was a makeup artist. I guess she took one look at the big black cock she could be having on a regular basis if she was performing instead of working behind the camera and figured, why the fuck not?

Watch her interracial black cock throated movie!

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Round and Brown


Boy, you think’in Lacey Duvalle looks good from the front, wait till you see da back side. Goddamn she is fine!

Lacey is the culmination of hundreds of thousands of years of evolution. There ain’t a single white woman out there that’s got something on this bitch. Luscious dick sucking lips, springy melon sized tits capped with brown sugar nips, a slim waist that widens out to a thick, juicy booty, and a face you can bring home to mom and pop. It makes you wonder why this bitch is doing porn!

At Round and Brown they put up a new ebony babe like Lacey Duvalle every week. As part of the Reality Kings network you get access to 28 sites and counting. 40 Inch Plus, Monster Curves, Mike in Brazil, Big Naturals, MILF Hunter, Pure 18, In The VIP, the list goes on for more space than I have here…

With so many sites in the network the Reality Kings give you three updates a day. No more waiting days or weeks for porn. Open since 2003, the Kings of Porn have thousands of videos from past updates waiting for you right now!

Monster Curves – Alexis Silver


As much as it kills me to see a white boy in my porn, I have to give it up for this cracker. He knows a good lookin booty when he sees one!

Alexis Silver has been making jaws drop and balls pop for years. Her body is bangin and her methods can only be described as no-holds-barred. She takes cock in every orifice and she doesn’t need lube. That’s my kind of crazy bitch!

White dudes have a love hate relationship with black mammas. They love adventure, hell they built ships to explore the world, but they hate the unknown. It’s creepy, it’s crawly and it scares their little white cocks to death. Banging an ebony babe like Alexis Silver is like an intervention featuring interracial sex.

This mofo takes one look at her delicious tits and all he can think about is milk and cookies. Alexis shows him her cookies and then uses her dick sucking lips to blow him like he ain’t never been blown before. I doubt he will get excited the next time a white chick offers to blow his cock after experiencing her Hoover vacuum suction.

Monster Curves finds women with more trash in the trunk then the law allows. These ladies are double and triple wide while still sporting an hourglass figure. A mighty big hourglass figure.

Stacked both on top and on the bottom the Monster Curves babes aim to please. If you subscribe to the idea that bigger is better you won’t have any qualms here. In fact, you might say you’ve found your own little piece of heaven. Why?

Because the Reality Kings give you access to all 28 of their award winning web sites. Girls on Round and Brown, 40 Inch Plus, Mike in Brazil and Big Naturals have the curves that you crave. Add in 8th Street Latinas, MILF Hunter and In The VIP and the fun just never ends. Now toss in some Pure 18, Saturday Night Latinas and We Live Together and you don’t have a reason to leave the house.

Enjoy the daily updates, bitch!