Big Black Mamas


I am not much into white music. In fact, da only rock’n’roll song a white band sings that gets me going is Whole Lotta Rosie by AC/DC. One particular line in da song, “Forty-two, thirty-nice, fifty-six; You could say she’s got it all,” spells it all out for ya.

Precious from Big Black Mamas is that song in human form. They call em “Mamas” because if you ain’t giving her child, send her over ta me! I’ll give her three or four children! Fuck’in aye! I’d tag dat shit all-the-fuck-night-long, bitch!

Big Black Mamas finds thick and juicy girls ranging from 200 – 600 pounds and pounds da fuck outta their pussies. Women of a shape and size only a true nigga could understand and fully appreciate!

Being a member of Big Black Mamas has benefits too. You get access to their entire network of bootylicious sites. Big Black Booty Watchers, Chi Town Butts, White BBW Prefer Black (ain’t dat da truth!) and more. Finally someone created a network for da black man!

Phat Juicy Ass


No its not a fake photo and no I didn’t alter the size of that huge ass all I did was check out

I am telling you the girls at Phat Juicy Ass all have asses that are at least 52 inches round and most of them are bigger then that.

The girls also do it all, they will give you a Sloppy Blow Job, let you do Ass to Mouth and even Deep Anal Pounding where ever you can put your cock in is good to go with them.

If you think your cock is big enough to stuff between those huge cheeks then you need to sign up with now and start downloading all you can handle.

Bootylicous Mag

See all of Pleasure Mia pics inside! 
A few thangs have ta come tagetha in order for me ta bury my face in a an ass!

First, she has to have a bootylicious ass I can sink my fingers into when I am gripped tight on them hips. Next, she has to have a face I can take home to mom and dad. Primarily dad. He always lets me know if she is a keeper.

Mia from Bootylicious Mag fits my criteria. She is all that and a bag of chips. I can’t find a thang wrong with her from her face to tha floor.

Bootylicious Mag was created by some bros that known their porn. These same dudes also created Score Magazine. THE place to go for big tits. Big natural tits. They made with that same mold. All natural thick booty. No camera tricks. No skinny bitches. Just pure de-licious thickness.

While I prefer the dark meat over white meat, I enjoy variety just as much as the next guy. I mean, when in Rome do as the Romans right? When in Miami do as the Cubans do and bang some of that Latina ass!

Bootylicious Mag updates weekly. The videos are all in high definition. There are no download restriction and no digital rights management. Perfect because I like to bring them with me on my laptop when I visit Miami.