Bubbled Black Ass

I don’t normally eat pussy but, you serve it on a platter like this and it is hard to resist. If ya know what I mean!

When I do eat pussy I go for nice trimmed pussy like Mercedes pussy above. I don’t like completely bald pussy and I don’t like a forest neither. If I have to get out my machete to eat a pussy, it ain’t worth it.

So why don’t I like eating pussy on a regular basis? No, not because I need to be gangsta and gangstaz don’t eat fish… I had a bad experience once and now I only have partial hearing in one ear.

I was eating this bitches pussy and she was tensing her legs and seemed to be really enjoying my work. All a sudden her legs clamp shut around my head and when I looked up I could see she was moaning. With her fleshy thighs clamped around my head I couldn’t hear shit. Except for a ringing in my left ear. The dumb bitch practically popped my fucking ear drum!

After that I limited my pussy eating to bitches under 200lbs.

After getting Mercedes pussy nice and wet, just flip the bitch over and pound that Bubbled Black Ass. She doesn’t have the biggest ass I have ever seen but, she does have enough to grip!

Thick Women

That is one thick mutha fuckin ass!

People always ask me what my fascination is with thick women. To be honest, bro, I ain’t got no idea! When I was a kid I thought about being a fireman. For a few years I lived in the inner city and there used to be those trucks with the back where you could steer it. You know tha kind, with the big ladder for tall buildings.

I don’t know if wanting to drive from the back of those trucks was a symptom of my fascination with Thick Women or a cause for that fascination. I also thought about being the first black man to oversee an aircraft carrier and I like 747’s. I guess you could say that I am a wide body kind of guy.

ThickWomen.com has some real gems. Sure there are some bitches that don’t quite fit da bill, but fuck it. Even those women could suck my dick, just not sure if I’d fuck em.

Updates for Thick Women come in weekly and videos can be downloaded. You can also stream smaller clips if need be. I like to skip to the pile driving from behind. While this site could use more ebony honeys, the Neapolitan makeup of flavors is nice for those that like to switch things up.

Asses in Public


These fools at AssesinPublic.com fuck some thunderous booty. I personally don’t normally bang the white booty all that much but what the hell? With ass like that why deny it?

You know… I am gonna have ta tell ya. When it comes to bitches with thick tits and juicy booty, I am an equal opportunity kind’a guy. I’ll fuck any bitch that needs a fuckin and often I don’t even give a shit about what her face looks like. Fuck it, I will just hit that shit from behind if need be.

The boyz at Asses in Public just don’t give a fuck. They have these hoes getting naked and fucking right out in the open. Shit, just the looks on the people’s faces as they go walking on by is worth the price of admission. In the gallery above a lucky security guard happens to be in the right place at the right time. I just hope his punk ass boss doesn’t find out he let these two bitches fuck a guy on the premises.

They feature weekly updates and you get access to their other 18 sites. So make that multiple daily updates for the whole network. They even have more phat booty sites!

Big Booty Duty


Here at Grip That Booty we like to think of ourselves as Big Booty connoisseurs. That is why when we come across a site that has thick round butts like the one in the picture above, we have to write about it.

BigBootyDuty.com was made for serious booty worshipers like us. They have 1,000’s of exclusive pictures and videos of girls with huge juicy asses, getting pounded. All of their content is DVD quality and you can download all of their videos as soon as you become a member.

For a dollar a day you can become a member of Big Booty Duty and download as much ass as you can handle.

Tiny’s Black Adventures

Finally we can get back to some black on black porn. Tiny’s Black Adventures is all about the ebony ladies you put up on your walls as a kid. Hot ebony ladies worthy of some adoration.

Unlike those cookie cutter bullshit sites you see popping up all over the place now’a’dayz, TinysBlackAdventures.com is 100% exclusive with all original content. Not enough can be said about the quality. Especially the quality of the girls.

Erica above would get five stars in anyone’s black book. I don’t care who you are. This bitch is fine as fuck! Nice tits and a sweet set of lips. Fuck-me if she cannot suck a pole like nobody’s business. And that ass. Oowee that ass!

Imagine finding an ebony dime like that in your bed on a weekly basis. That is the kind of shit that Tiny has to put up with… But I don’t see him complanin none. Shhhhhhit!

The Tinys Black Adventures videos are crystal clear and most of them are about 45 minutes in length. You get to see the whole encounter from the pick up to the drop off. The young bucks among you might even pick up a new play or two that you can use on your own stable of (hopefully) fine-ass bitches.

Phat Latin Butts – Fine Latin Booty

Taking the big cock!

On occasion me and my boyz go south of the border. While there we like to sample the native babes. I love the Phat Latin Butts and they love the big cock so our relationship is a perfect win-win.

Whether it is because I have no time to take a trip or my money is just running short, PhatLatinButts.com is the perfect place for me to reminiss about past trips. Shit, I can even use the site to come up with some new plays for the playbook to bring with me for the next trip.

Sure, I prefer the ebony booty to all others, but there is something about Spanish ladies… Something about the way they crave big cocks and how they know how to service a brotha right. Phat Latin Butts updates weekly with new wide asses like Julyanna. Every week a new latina bangin a brotha and showing him a good time. Hospitality. That is the word I am looking for.

Along with Latin booty you also get white booty, black booty and asian booty! Wha? Members of Phat Latin Booty get access to a network of over 36 sites. All of them are exclusive and updating weekly with fresh content a brotha will enjoy. Booty, Anal, Double Anal, Cream Pies, Booty and more Booty. Take the tour and scroll down for more details. I will see you on the inside.

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Big Tits Round Asses

Sweet Booty

Don’t worry. I will try not to make a habit of putting white guys in my posts… This dude just happens to be in the tight spot at the right time.

Bangbros.com is the most well known web site on the planet. These guys pioneered reality porn and they introduced a thing called quality. Quality lighting, quality makeup, quality women. Their Big Tits Round Asses site is no acception. Only now, they introduced a little thing I like to call quantity to the equation.

BigTitsRoundAsses.com has plenty of both quality and quantity. If you prefer a woman with some hips and big tits are a nice bonus you are going to feel at home here. One of the problems with big booty sites is the girls they use look like their mother was cross-bred with a horse. Hee-Haww…

At Big Tits Round Asses the bitches are a site for sore eyes. Huge tits, thick waists and ample booties with a face you can bring home to pops and get a pat on the back. Actually pops would swat you across the face and ask why you haven’t married this one yet.

Members of BigTitsRoundAsses also get access to the BangBros Worldwide Network. Over twenty sites with daily updates and a few in the big ass niche. They have over 3000 models so once you are in, you are going to be in for an adventure of a lifetime. So many thick babes to explore it is going to blow your dirty mind!

Find More Big Tits, Round Asses

Phat Black Freaks – Crystal

Died an gone ta heaven!

Ohh fucking snaps!

All my life I have searched. Looking for the perfect ebony woman with hips large enough to carry my babies. Finally the day has arrived. Crystal is the perfect specimin. She has a booty I can grip. Large enough that I feel like I am commanding an aircraft carrier. Hot enough that it would be my pleasure to take Crystal to the club and watch that thunder booty quake.

Lucky for you, I didn’t just find one phat booty, I found hundreds! Now you can share in my good fortune. Fellas, Phat Black Freaks is the untimate booty site if you like your booty more than just round. It is for those who like booty busting out on all sides. This is for those gents that pay extra for their beds because that Ikea shit won’t handle the abuse.

Each week PhatBlackFreaks.com adds more of that monster butt to their catalog. Where they put it all I don’t know because some of this is gigantic booty status. Unlike most plus sized women, these ones have pretty faces. With her blue eyes I could never turn Sasha the Bra Buster away. Her eyes melt my heart and send my cock to fully erect status.

Both the Phat Black Freaks videos and the pics and clear and high resolution. Everything is 100% exclusive and shot just for PhatBlackFreaks.com, so you won’t see this kind of action anywhere else!

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Phat Booty Cheerleaders

Phat Booty Cheerleaders

Don’t attempt to wipe your eyes or adjust your screen . . . yes the picture is a little blurry, but what can you do if you have an ass so big and round that it makes your screen go out of focus.

Would you delete it? Hell No, do what I did and make it your screen saver so you can enjoy that thick juicy rump every day. Now that it’s my screen saver, I can’t keep my eyes off of it and my FleshLight off my cock. Where did I find such an ass you ask? Well I found that thick ebony booty on PhatBootyCheerleaders.com along with many more large butts.

If you like cheerleaders and you like big round asses, you’re going to love Phat Booty Cheerleaders. They search far and wide for the hottest young cheerleaders with the juiciest firmest round butts and have them do things they would never normally do on video, like suck on some cock to make the squad or receive a little anal for a spot.

I am telling you are going to love all these hot Phat Booty Cheerleaders getting fucked. With fresh and up to date content its no wonder why it has become one of the best big booty sites on the net. Hurry up and get your membership now to PhatBootyCheerleaders.com before these girls regret what they did and ask for their video back.

Click Here To Get Instant Access ….

Find More Phat Booty Cheerleaders!


Ebony Incredible Pass – Delotta Brown

Oh snap!

Ohh, Jesus. Delotta Brown you have one fine mutha fuckin ass!

I can see myself hitting that shit from the back and pulling on them hair extensions like I am riding a fuckin chariot. Hitting that back side so fuckin hard and heavy that we fuse together!

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am a fan of the chocolate booty. The bigger the better. I like em 40 inches, 50 inches, 60 inches… The more the merrier. Delotta is an added bonus. Not only is she thick, she is a cutie too. A perfect little ebony dime.

This isn’t just one website. This is fifteen sites all on one pass. I am all about spending little money on a lot of porn and the Ebony Incredible Pass is a perfect way to achive this goal.

At EbonyIncrediblePass.com you have access to 1000’s of scenes from all of their sites. Each site is made with the soul brotha in mind. Exotic babes with huge rear-ends, coeds that love big dicks, babes with big tits and curvy asses, they have it all.

With so many sites you are getting updates on a daily basis. No sitting around and wondering what the fuck is going on. The videos are crystal clear and you can download them to your hard drive. Right now you can sample their shit for a buck. Canceling the trial is all handled online. No pressure and no hustling you. That is my kinda site!

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Brazil Bang – Line em UP!

Line Em Up!

I was flirting with the idea of keeping this site black butts only but when I saw this gallery from Brazil Bang it reminded me of a tender moment in my youth.

I turned sixteen and my uncle, The Milkman Mike, wanted me to experience something really special for my B-day. So he brought over five of his girls and put them in gstrings. He put them all in front of me and paraded them around. Had em all grind that booty into my cock for a few seconds so I could get a sense of what each one of em was about.

He’d said shit like, "I know you are looking at this one and you ain’t looking at that one, one bit. But, son, I am here to tell you that this one don’t know shit and that one wants to suck your cock like her life depends on it. And it just might."

My uncle Mike was trying to get me to understand that size does matter when it comes to the booty. Being smarter than the average Joe I chose all of em! And uncle Mikey being the generous motha fucka he was let me have all of em. Damn I was stupid back then. With so much booty in my face it was all a blur and I don’t even remember half of it!

At BrazilBang.com group situations arise more often than not. I like that. You get to see two, three, four, five, you get the point, times the booty than you do anywhere else. The ebony mommas and the bubble butt latinas are all easily fuckable. I wouldn’t kick any of them out of bed, cept for breakfast.

Brazil Bang is another site from the owners of Brick House Butts. You buy one site and you get the entire network. Sweet because my cards are all maxed out after Christmas.

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Brazil Bang

Brick House Butts – Load of Bricks

Load of Bricks

Did someone order a load of bricks?

Goddam this dime from Brick House Butts is off the chain! This is why I love black women! You cannot find an ass that thick that stands at attention and has the jiggle factor of a punching balloon on any other kind of woman.

BrickHouseButts.com is full of the most scandalous bitches on the planet. These honeys will do anything for cash (kind’a like my ex). The boyz at Brick House lather the ladies up in olive oil and then go to town on their asses, literally!

While I would prefer more than one update a week, these guys do something I think everyone should do. They give you access to the entire network for the price of site. The network is full of sites any self respecting black man would love, Chocolate Milk Juggs, Fat Wet Booty, Thugs and Juggs, Black Dicks Latin Chicks, but I personally prefer the booty quaking going on over at BrickHouseButts.com to all of them. But I ain’t gonna kick no Latina with a phat booty out of bed…

While you are enjoying the videos over at Brick House Butts, get a Fleshlight. The only male sex toy I would even consider using.

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Brick House Butts

OoooWee! Shardonay

Some Fine Ass Booty!

Welcome to my home. Now, I don’t descriminate, except for when it comes to my women, but I am going to tell you right now, "If you ain’t black, you might wanna turn back!" As my web sites name suggests, this is where we Grip That Booty! Skinny bitches need not apply. All of you white, metro sexuals, homos looking for Paris Hilton ain’t gonna find her here. That is for damn sure!

Today’s chocolate momma is Shardonay. Her booty is so thick that even she can’t resist gripping that shit! That is what I am talkin bout. A booty so thick and round it takes an entire basketball team to hit that shit properly.

Shardonay comes to us from the site OOOOWEE.com. If Grip That Booty is my house, Oooowee is my vacation home. Them boys over there are some black market mutha-fuckaz. They specialize in finding real talent. Mommas that can work a man day in and day out and still have him coming back for more.

I really like these mofos cause they ain’t some hustling fools. You can download the videos without all of that digital rights management Microsoft bullshit. That means you get to continue watchin em even after your shit expires. Plus they give you access to all of their other sites. Retarded mutha fuckaz… How do they make any fuckin money? I dunno and I guess you could say I don’t really give a fuck.

The bonus sites are mostly in the ebony/black niche so that meens you get a shitload of updates you can actually watch. Oooowee videos are about 30 minutes in length so even thoroughbred fuckaz like me don’t have to rewind in order to finish properly.

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Booty so big that when it quakes it unleashes a tsunami!