Brick House Butts – Load of Bricks

Load of Bricks

Did someone order a load of bricks?

Goddam this dime from Brick House Butts is off the chain! This is why I love black women! You cannot find an ass that thick that stands at attention and has the jiggle factor of a punching balloon on any other kind of woman. is full of the most scandalous bitches on the planet. These honeys will do anything for cash (kind’a like my ex). The boyz at Brick House lather the ladies up in olive oil and then go to town on their asses, literally!

While I would prefer more than one update a week, these guys do something I think everyone should do. They give you access to the entire network for the price of site. The network is full of sites any self respecting black man would love, Chocolate Milk Juggs, Fat Wet Booty, Thugs and Juggs, Black Dicks Latin Chicks, but I personally prefer the booty quaking going on over at to all of them. But I ain’t gonna kick no Latina with a phat booty out of bed…

While you are enjoying the videos over at Brick House Butts, get a Fleshlight. The only male sex toy I would even consider using.

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Brick House Butts

OoooWee! Shardonay

Some Fine Ass Booty!

Welcome to my home. Now, I don’t descriminate, except for when it comes to my women, but I am going to tell you right now, "If you ain’t black, you might wanna turn back!" As my web sites name suggests, this is where we Grip That Booty! Skinny bitches need not apply. All of you white, metro sexuals, homos looking for Paris Hilton ain’t gonna find her here. That is for damn sure!

Today’s chocolate momma is Shardonay. Her booty is so thick that even she can’t resist gripping that shit! That is what I am talkin bout. A booty so thick and round it takes an entire basketball team to hit that shit properly.

Shardonay comes to us from the site If Grip That Booty is my house, Oooowee is my vacation home. Them boys over there are some black market mutha-fuckaz. They specialize in finding real talent. Mommas that can work a man day in and day out and still have him coming back for more.

I really like these mofos cause they ain’t some hustling fools. You can download the videos without all of that digital rights management Microsoft bullshit. That means you get to continue watchin em even after your shit expires. Plus they give you access to all of their other sites. Retarded mutha fuckaz… How do they make any fuckin money? I dunno and I guess you could say I don’t really give a fuck.

The bonus sites are mostly in the ebony/black niche so that meens you get a shitload of updates you can actually watch. Oooowee videos are about 30 minutes in length so even thoroughbred fuckaz like me don’t have to rewind in order to finish properly.

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Booty so big that when it quakes it unleashes a tsunami!