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High Quality, Low Cost

Brazzers is one of those names that as soon as you hear it, you think of high-quality, hardcore porn. They were founded in 2005 and have been going strong ever since. They’ve created a massive library of content that is sure to surpass your wildest expectations. Right now viewers can even use this discount offer for 75% off Brazzers network, and never have to miss a thing. There isn’t a better deal anywhere.

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Big Booties & Big Fuckin’ Tits

This picture makes me think of the song about it being a small world after all and, when big boobs are stacked up against the blue skies and clouds like this, I’d have to agree – it certainly does seem like a small world next to these knockers.

I understand this blog’s about booty though – you’ll get plenty of that when you grab this $10 deal for Big Boob Bundle here. Really, it’s quite the buffet-of-bounce. (I just came up with that, pretty sweet right?)

You’ll get big tits on trim wastes and wide hips, or even some BBWs with a little more to love all over the place. Nothing wrong with a little extra cushion for the pushin’ and getting lost in a woman. Like your favorite armchair, sometimes you just want to sink right in.

Grabbing this deal is going to save you some cash, sure, but maybe you don’t know that you’re also getting tons of porn star sites for this one low, discounted price. Yeah – now you’re gettin’ it! Grab this deal for some huge savings on big tits and ass!


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What can be more erotic than a tattooed body?

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Flirt, chat and cyber with this ebony cutie


AlanaGrimes doesn’t have the biggest booty in the webcam space. Hell, she doesn’t even have a booty really. She is far too young at heart, mind and body to have one… yet!

But don’t let that stop you from flirty, chatting and cybering with this ebony webcam cutie. Alana likes the freedom she feels when going online and letting it all hangout. She is nineteen years young and she wants to be a star someday. For right now, though, she can star in your own personal porno.

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Get some booty with your playboy drama

Playboy Booty

I am not going to lie. Playboy has a pretty lackluster idea of what constitutes booty. I mean, they have some pretty delicious looking butts, but they are really lacking in the junk in the trunk dept.

But here is the thing, is aiming to change all of that and add some drama to this usually stodgy company!

With you get access to all of the shows Playboy has in production, plus you get backstage access on stuff like seeing a girl move from an Iowa farm to being one of Hue’s bitches. Now that is pretty fucking pimp if ya ask me.

Take a Playboy TV discount and stream that shit right to your HDTV!

Part them cheeks with a nickel and a dime

Digital Desire Porn Discount

Most people assume that I only like phat booty of obnoxious size. Truth be told I am an equal opportunity kind of guy. When I was growing up my uncle used to have a Penthouse and a Playboy collection so I got used to the idea of fucking perky white booty. I have been known to frequent local malls offering fine young thangs a taste of my big black cock. You’d be surprised at how many rich white girls are curious enough to get into a strangers car and let him put his paws on them.

Being a smart boy I paid attention and noticed some photographers had varied styles. One of my favorite was J. Stephen Hicks. He really knew how to capture a girl. His site Digital Desire has plenty of phat booty babes. Just about every girl in the whole damn porn industry has been in front of his camera.

Now it is time for you to enjoy the fruits of his labor. Fapilicous is giving you a mind blowing opportunity to sample his life’s work for 30 days for the low price of $14.95. While there check out their other porn reviews for the best discounts on porn!

White Bitch With A Fist Fucked Booty

taking gripping that booty to a whole new level

White people like to talk a lot about black people and their voodoo, but you will never hear them bitching about the crazy shit they be doing on a nightly basis. This fool is taking grip that booty to a whole new level. She can’t even walk around the house without him digging his grimy fingers into her backside. Later on in the video you can watch here ( ) he inserts his entire hand into this teen bitches rectum!

Now I am not trying to say us black folk are all high and mighty or that we never dabble in some sodomy, but at least we plug that shit up with our cocks instead of our hands. You fucking eat with your hands, yo!

The double standard of teen porn in the hood

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Today I am going to address something that burns me pretty bad. So often I see friends in my hood talking about how they will be the first to kill a guy if they find out he was with a girl too young for his age. But then all of them are asking me for passwords to sites with girls who are barely legal at best! Why the double standard?

Anyway… You don’t have to ask me for passwords to see barely legal teens spreading their butt cheeks wide to receive some fat cock up their corn holes. All you need to do is check the teen anal HD page on

Teens HD has nothing but the hottest exclusive videos. All of their porn is shot in 1080p and available in the members area for a small price. On the free side of things they re-encode the videos to be 720p and make it all available to anybody who wants to view it.

You cannot beat free unless you are talking about beating your meat to barely legal teens!

Clamp down on some Brazilian whores

Brazilian slut fucked hard from the back

As you all know I am the kind of guy that enjoys banging ladies with a little junk in the trunk. Today I was looking for something I could clamp down on when I found some thick ass Brazilian whores on Whoever made this free Latin tube site has an eye for finding ladies with thick juicy asses without too much cellulite. Which is like a fucking calling card for Putaria Brasileira!

To get an idea of what this streaming tube is all about check out the novinha gostosa video of a barely legal Brazilian slut sucking cock deep into her throat. How this bitch doesn’t gag I don’t know and I don’t care. All I do know is that I want inside that mouth of hers.

The point is that there is plenty of good reasons to give this site a look. The videos de sexo category is probably the best place to start. You can sort the videos by newest, hottest and most popular. I usually go with most popular. Can thousands of people be wrong?

Sext online and fuck offline at extra large dating

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When I tell my white friends  that I prefer BBW babes over skinny little sluts they all think it is because the BBW girls are easier to get with. Like there is something wrong with me. I have to turn skinny girls down all day long just because I am not interested in them. What I am interested in is gripping a nice fat booty in my palms while I pile drive my big black cock deep into her recesses. We can get into  positions most white guys with "average" dicks can’t imagine.

Take the girl above for instance. Most white boys know there dick either ain’t gonna make it or it ain’t going to penetrate more than a few inches of her pussy. For us brothas making this trip ain’t no problem. We can get on all fours up behind her and put six inches of cock deep inside her while using the other three inches to get passed all of that lovely cushioning.

You won’t believe me, but I get BBW bitches sending me photos like this one all day long. They are horny and they want to fuck. None of that kissing and hugging bullshit. I receive the photos on my Extra Large Dating account. You might be wondering why anybody would pay for online dating, but I have to tell you, this shit works wonders for your sex life!

By using I can find girls all week long instead of burning myself out on the weekends both trying to find them and trying to hustle them into bed. Online I can bring up fucking straight away and if they are one of those 29 dimensions bitches I can move on to girls who are more willing to give it up to a man with a nine inch cock.

Click here for BBW dating and create a free profile. See if you like it. Then try paying and seeing how much more pussy you get!

Live Fetish Cam Slut Wants Hot Sex Any Way She can Get It


A lady doesn’t have to have a thick booty to make me want to grip it. There are some fetish cam sluts I will do just because I want to get freaky that night. Right now I have my eye set on Kailey from Free Webcams. This crazy bitch likes being tied up, spanked, whipped, cock slapped and more. She has one of those libidos that just won’t quit. I had her fucking herself with two big black dildos while she sucked a third off so hard she was choking on it. Oh, I also like to grip a bitch by the head and wrestle my cock down her throat until I am balls deep in that bitched face!

Up until now I was dropping about $400 to $500 a month on cams. That was will the deals babes were giving me for being such a good guy. Now with I am paying about $100 to $150 and I am seeing more XXX cam shows than ever before. This is because the girls do live sex cams for tips. Sometimes I have to share her with other guys to make the tips count enough for her to do the show, but there ain’t no party like a gang-bang party!

hot big booty girls ready for pleasure

Pleasure4Fuck wide ass hottie

Talk about a tower of fucking power!

This big booty slut is part of the dynamic duo that bills themselves as Pleasure4Fuck on It is hard to believe God somehow found a way to pack this much booty into a girl that is barely even 20 years old. This guy is one lucky mother fucker!

You can get lucky with his big booty ho by joining for free. As a free member you can chat live with the ladies and you can also check out their galleries. Anonymous users only get to see them with their clothes on. Trust me, it is much better seeing them in their skivvies!

Got an iPad or an Android tablet? You can use it to chat live too. No more need for a computer yo! Have live sex with young couples on any time day or night.

Futa On Male Action With Big Booty Fucking

playboy bunny with a fat cock and a tight pussy blowing a happy gent

The futanari girls love to fuck men and women, they don’t care either way. They really love to have futa on male sex though, then they can shove their giant cocks right up the man’s big booty. They don’t care what they fuck, as long as they fuck and get fucked in return. They come with all the right parts, including tits, cunts, and cocks.

So be prepared because you never know what these hotties will have in store for you. They might suck or fuck you, or they might ram their giant cocks right up your virgin and gaping asshole!

Photographer Grips That Black Booty Ho

photographer takes time to grip that black booty

One of the best perks for photographers is being able to grip that black booty ho he is photographing. That isn’t to say that all models are sluts, but Kai is well known for needing more than a paycheck when she poses for the camera. has thousands of free booty videos for you to watch. They add more videos throughout the day so make sure you bookmark the site. All of the videos are tagged with keywords, sorted by category and include the porn stars names. That way you can look up any girl you like and find all of her videos straight away.

The database has lots of booty porn with videos ranging from a few minutes long to over an hour. You can sort them by length and check out the most popular videos people have been watching. Make FAPTO your first choice when looking for good big ass porn!

phat Ass Booty Bounce MOvies

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I cannot believe this shit is free. With movies of this caliber I would gladly cough up the standard penny shy of a full $30 per month. But no. These fools are giving away free big booty porn with cute honeys sporting phan-fucking-tabulous booties.

This phat booty hoe is the reason for me opening this blog in the first place. She has a juicy ass with grip tight hips. When you drive her from the backseat you know you are driving something amazing. I would go as far as to compare her ass with spending time in the front seat of a Rolls Royce.

Check out her phat-fucking-ass at POVPornMovies and make sure you bookmark that sucker. You never know when you are going to need some good POV porn for free.