Broke Black Coeds


Yeah, I know her booty ain’t da biggest ya ever seen. It’s time for me to do a public service announcement. Pay attention, big dogg, cause I am about to put your little girl through college!

No, fool! I ain’t talkin bout her strippin. Damn!

OK, let me back up a bit. I am lookin for an update for today and come across this cute little honey from Broke Black Coeds. The site find hot ebony teens in need of a quick cash infusion. They get a couple a bucks and we get to see them bumping and grinding, solo, together and taking some cock meat.

So it got me to think’in bout somethin. Damn I wish I had gone to college! As it turns out they got this thing called a FAFSA. You turn it in and they give you free mutha-fuckin money to go to school. Way more than you need to actually go to school. So I signed all of my kids up, yo, and guess what? Money coming out da ass and my kids gettin an education on da white man’s money! Ya hearing me?

Now get on over to Broke Black Coeds and help out these poor bitches by donating to the site and then get your kids to fill out that FAFSA A-Fucking-S-A-P! That shit has to be in some time in March I think and it’s one sure way to make sure yo daughter don’t end up on a site like this!

Just in case you actually use this information. Fill this shit out even if yo kid is already attending college. They sent me a fucking refund for the money I spent last year! God bless you, Obama!

Booty Talk


Oh dats rite, baby! You just park that triple wide booty rite here girl!

Dat right there is some Booty Talk. It is uncontrollable. You see that thick booty and the words just fall out’cha mouth. At Booty Talk you get nothing but the hottest ethnic, thunder booty. All in DVD quality videos!

There are 15 years of booty video production in the Booty Talk collection and you get unlimited access to all of it. You won’t find a more stocked video section than what they have put together here, boy!

Take the tour and hit the more, more, more button. I challenge you to find a booty you wouldn’t hit!