I Fucked You and Your Sister!


Oh fucking snaps! This shit is off da’chain mofo! The newest site from Lords of Porn is called I Fucked You and Your Sister and I haven’t seen nothin like it!

Two hot babes take some big Mombo cock and get this, the lucky sister-fucker bangs all races of babes!

While I do luv da black booty just as much as any otha brotha, I also enjoy making daddies all over tha world cringe when I put my black cock in their daughter’s tight snatches! Asians are the best. They squeal and squirm, but they keep comin bak fa’ mauhhh! mauuuhh ehhgnggh! mauuuuhh! haha

I Fucked You And Your Sister - Pornstars Melody & Pursuajon_1285363858771

Tha Lords of Porn believe in equal opportunity when it comes to tha ladies luvin da black cock! They keep their network fresh with new content in every niche a brotha wants to see. Fat and Chunky and seventeen other sites make this network pass a no-brainer!

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