Heather V – Bootylicious!


Brothas, sistas and everyone else that reads my blog. I am in fucking love!

Heather V is my new obsession. Talk about having the entire bootylicious package. This bitch has got it going on… and on… and on!

I’d like everyone that reads my blog to give this girl some love. She just started out online and she needs to know that she made the right decision. That she has a fan base. Dreamers that wish to welcome her to the dark side.

Somewhere out there is a white man that thinks her ass dimples aren’t so cute. He thinks she can lose a few pounds. I say that man is an asswipe. He wouldn’t know a fine piece of ass if it sat in his lap. Heather V puts all other white women to shame. And a few ethnic women too!

HeatherVOnline.com updates weekly with new pics and a video, plus she does live webcam shows too. All of her shows are archived. Heather V loves to talk to her members. Try as I might she won’t meet me in a dark alley. Probably a good thing because I’d fuck the shit out of that ass!

Let Heather know she made the right choice by giving her some love!

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