Bend Over Video


What is that big pasty ass doing on Grip That Booty?

Well besides the fact that its a huge pasty ass and she is showing you where she wants be fucked is that I found her on

It is home to thee most mouth watering booty’s that you will ever see online.  I am talking about the kind that are so big and round that they will make you want to slap your own girls ass.

Don’t take my word for it check out Bend Over Videos because after watching just one trailer I got my self a membership.

Heather V – Bootylicious!


Brothas, sistas and everyone else that reads my blog. I am in fucking love!

Heather V is my new obsession. Talk about having the entire bootylicious package. This bitch has got it going on… and on… and on!

I’d like everyone that reads my blog to give this girl some love. She just started out online and she needs to know that she made the right decision. That she has a fan base. Dreamers that wish to welcome her to the dark side.

Somewhere out there is a white man that thinks her ass dimples aren’t so cute. He thinks she can lose a few pounds. I say that man is an asswipe. He wouldn’t know a fine piece of ass if it sat in his lap. Heather V puts all other white women to shame. And a few ethnic women too! updates weekly with new pics and a video, plus she does live webcam shows too. All of her shows are archived. Heather V loves to talk to her members. Try as I might she won’t meet me in a dark alley. Probably a good thing because I’d fuck the shit out of that ass!

Let Heather know she made the right choice by giving her some love!

Azz and Mo Ass


Fantashia has what I like to call Ass And Mo Ass. She has enough booty for two bitches. With all that said her big juicy booty is why she is on

If you are the kind of guy that is not happy until you have had every thick piece of ass that you can handle, then you are the kind of guy that would love Ass & Mo Ass.

They have endless amounts of Horny Ebony Beauties that love to show off their huge round rumps. At Ass& all of their content is 100% exclusive so will never see Fantashia and her sweet ass on any other site. They also update their site every week with a new big booty hoe so you always have some thing to look forward to every week.

So if you think you are the kind of guy that can handle some Ass And Mo Ass then become a  member today.

Brother Undercover

If there is one thing white bitches are well known for, it is being some of the dumbest bitches on da planet! It is no secret that brothas enjoy white meat just as much as we enjoy dark meat. After all, why not broaden the horizon?

The bro at Brother Undercover plays on white bitches biggest weakness, they feel sorry for the underdog. He dresses up like a nerdy moron complete with the nasal white boy voice. This puts these bitches off guard and into the sack in no time.

Brother Undercover updates weekly but that isn’t the best part. This site is also part of a network featuring some of the craziest black on white sites you will ever set your eyes on.

With everything from All Interracial to I Like Em White, this network features over 40 Terabytes of Porn. Is this some kind of crap content bought to pad the numbers and hustle you out of your money?

Fuck No!

Individual sites or clusters of sites are privately owned and operated. That means this brotha owns this site. It is his baby and just like him, the other owners baby their respective sites too.

Take the $1 tour and see how the Brother Undercover can help you elevate your game!