The Rawck


When you’ve gotta piece of da Rawk stashed away in da house there ain’t no good reason to be blue on a rainy day. Brothas don’t quote Dr. Seuss often but, “Oh the games we would play!”

That thunderous booty belongs to Rawcklin. I have written about her before here at Grip That Booty. Every once in a while I come back to this girl and her booty. Hard to stay away from that kind of action for too long. If ya know what I mean.

Now that Rawcklin has her own site you get to see a lot more of her. In addition to her thunder butt you also get guest appearances from her thunderous friends.

Times are tough, believe me I know. So Rawcklin has reduced her her monthly membership to $9.95 a month. WTF? I spend more than that parking my car at Dodger stadium!

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