Fat and Chunky


When it comes to thick booty you can stick a fork into, da Lords of Porn have created what is surely to become the end-all booty site. Fat and Chunky finds booty that is bigger, chunkier and more massive than anything you have ever seen before!

Vanessa Lee is an excellent example of what I am talking about. Not only is her jungle booty huge, her face is hawt! I can see myself walking out of a club with her on my arm and my gold teeth glittering. My smile shining brightly as the valet boy sees the booty I am gonna be driving tonight and we share that “da-a-ahhh-mmm” look.

I embeded this video of her sharing that thick jungle booty with a brotha. Don’t watch it unless you have some room on your credit card because you aren’t going to be able to deny Vanessa once you see her booty quake in action!

Grab a Fat and Chunky password and tell Vanessa I said, “hello!”

Big Butt Black Teens

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I know all bout da BBB (Big Butt Blacks). Now is da time ta learn bout da Big Butt Black Teens.

You can’t be a true nigga pimp without calling yourself something grandiose. The Lords of Porn have their pimpin hats on and they created a network just for da brothas.

Site like Big Butt Black Teens and First Time Black Amateurs showcase the many talents of today’s youth. Ladies get oiled up and passed around like a bottle of Hennessy. There are a few I’d throw out’a bed no doubt, but most of em are plenty fuckable.

Ebony Street Hooker focuses more on da black MILF bitches. Again, plenty of fine ass bitches.

Wanna get freaky? They got dat too. Fat and Chunky is just what it says. Thunder butt like nobody’s business. The kind’a woman only a black dick can fit into.

The Lords of Porn are creating what has become my network of choice. It isn’t completely finished yet but now is a good time to sample the goodies.

Black Thick Girls – Taleya


Do you want to know when a black girl is considered thick?

Just take a look at her ass and thighs if they are covered in stretch marks like Taleya has in the picture are then she is considered a Thick Black Girl. To me she is just another ebony freak with a big juicy ass.

If you like the picture above and want to see more check out BlackThickGirls.com. They have over 150 girls right on the main page and give you access to more in their members area.

The thing I like the most about Black Thick Girls besides the ladies is the fact that they give you brand new exclusive updates 3 times a week. No other site on the internet  is updated 3 times a week, that alone is worth the price of the membership.

So check out BlackThickGirls.com and star looking at all the horny black girls.