Nicole Austin – Coco


God… DAMN! It ain’t hard to figure out why Ice-T is fucking this broad. Nicole Austin A.K.A. Coco has more ass than a donkey!

Nicole Austin grew up in Palos Verdes not far from where I live. Well, everything in LA is considered just ‘round da corner no matter if it is five minutes away or fifty. Like all Playboy models this bitch was a tomboy. Believe it or not guys used to pass on her!

While I prefer real tits Coco got hers redone to better fit that phat ass of hers. Unlike most breast jobs her actually hang correctly and don’t look like some kind of armpit tumors. Nicole says she prefers to go topless and if I had a rack like hers I would too.

I grew up checking this big booty out in Low Rider, Got Dam and Straight Stuntin, but you can check her out at Babylon-X. While I had to wait for Coco Marie to do another magazine with no guarantee as to when I’d see her again, you can have her right now.

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