Round and Brown

When a white dude wants nice thick booty, a cock sucking from heaven and a gang-banging from hell what do he do? That’s right, he calls two ebony mammas because white bitches ain’t shit!

Round and Brown is full of bombastic black honeys and even though I don’t much like watching white dudes fucking my black hoes, I go where the money is. So if a white dude wants to fuck my best hoe, who am I to say no? Only a dumb nigga pimp turns down money.

The black booty at Round and Brown is attached to some pretty sweet looking bitches I must say. All dat booty and a face you don’t mind seeing in da mornin… I just might have one of these fine ladies kick out some more of my kids.

Having a password to Round and Brown gives you access to the Reality Kings network. You might have heard of the Reality Kings because they manage my home boy Kimbo Slice the MMA fighter. If in they is OK for Kimbo, they is OK wit me.

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One thought on “Round and Brown”

  1. hey i was just sayin dat yall lok so sexy n dizz iz lyk turnin me on lyk horny lyk i want 2 give it 2 yall sexy woman….

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