Asses in Public


These fools at fuck some thunderous booty. I personally don’t normally bang the white booty all that much but what the hell? With ass like that why deny it?

You know… I am gonna have ta tell ya. When it comes to bitches with thick tits and juicy booty, I am an equal opportunity kind’a guy. I’ll fuck any bitch that needs a fuckin and often I don’t even give a shit about what her face looks like. Fuck it, I will just hit that shit from behind if need be.

The boyz at Asses in Public just don’t give a fuck. They have these hoes getting naked and fucking right out in the open. Shit, just the looks on the people’s faces as they go walking on by is worth the price of admission. In the gallery above a lucky security guard happens to be in the right place at the right time. I just hope his punk ass boss doesn’t find out he let these two bitches fuck a guy on the premises.

They feature weekly updates and you get access to their other 18 sites. So make that multiple daily updates for the whole network. They even have more phat booty sites!

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