Phat Black Freaks – Crystal

Died an gone ta heaven!

Ohh fucking snaps!

All my life I have searched. Looking for the perfect ebony woman with hips large enough to carry my babies. Finally the day has arrived. Crystal is the perfect specimin. She has a booty I can grip. Large enough that I feel like I am commanding an aircraft carrier. Hot enough that it would be my pleasure to take Crystal to the club and watch that thunder booty quake.

Lucky for you, I didn’t just find one phat booty, I found hundreds! Now you can share in my good fortune. Fellas, Phat Black Freaks is the untimate booty site if you like your booty more than just round. It is for those who like booty busting out on all sides. This is for those gents that pay extra for their beds because that Ikea shit won’t handle the abuse.

Each week adds more of that monster butt to their catalog. Where they put it all I don’t know because some of this is gigantic booty status. Unlike most plus sized women, these ones have pretty faces. With her blue eyes I could never turn Sasha the Bra Buster away. Her eyes melt my heart and send my cock to fully erect status.

Both the Phat Black Freaks videos and the pics and clear and high resolution. Everything is 100% exclusive and shot just for, so you won’t see this kind of action anywhere else!

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