Brazil Bang – Line em UP!

Line Em Up!

I was flirting with the idea of keeping this site black butts only but when I saw this gallery from Brazil Bang it reminded me of a tender moment in my youth.

I turned sixteen and my uncle, The Milkman Mike, wanted me to experience something really special for my B-day. So he brought over five of his girls and put them in gstrings. He put them all in front of me and paraded them around. Had em all grind that booty into my cock for a few seconds so I could get a sense of what each one of em was about.

He’d said shit like, "I know you are looking at this one and you ain’t looking at that one, one bit. But, son, I am here to tell you that this one don’t know shit and that one wants to suck your cock like her life depends on it. And it just might."

My uncle Mike was trying to get me to understand that size does matter when it comes to the booty. Being smarter than the average Joe I chose all of em! And uncle Mikey being the generous motha fucka he was let me have all of em. Damn I was stupid back then. With so much booty in my face it was all a blur and I don’t even remember half of it!

At group situations arise more often than not. I like that. You get to see two, three, four, five, you get the point, times the booty than you do anywhere else. The ebony mommas and the bubble butt latinas are all easily fuckable. I wouldn’t kick any of them out of bed, cept for breakfast.

Brazil Bang is another site from the owners of Brick House Butts. You buy one site and you get the entire network. Sweet because my cards are all maxed out after Christmas.

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